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If the size fits, why would you not consider buying an off-the-shelf brand? If you’ve made it this far in the bicycle realm, you probably already know which geometries suit you and which ones don't. The stock geometries of our frames are designed with gentle increments and don’t give a damn about conformability to large swaths of demographics. This means we offer more than just four sizes. If you're truly obsessed with fit, we provide the option to fully customize the geometry to your body.

Fork it Over

The masters say that if you really want to build a frame correctly, you should start with the fork. That's why we offer several fork options to choose from. We have two excellent carbon forks to start with: The brand Whiskey, with mounts for fenders; and another from the reputable Enve for those who aspire to lead the pack. Our third option is for the wanderlust type—a steel fork with multiple rack mounts, guaranteed to not fail you in the middle of nowhere.

Candy Coated

So, you're halfway convinced to purchase one of these bad boys? Well, let’s get to the most crucial part—paint. We’re certain your mind is racing with all the possibilities. Start collecting images of what you’re thinking and we'll work together to figure it out.

Fun Facts

  • Max tire size: 700 x 59 mm
  • Made of Columbus LIFE and Fairing VELOSPEC tubing with Paragon Stainless Steel dropouts
  • Choice of ENVE, WHISKEY and in-house made Unicrown Steel Fork
  • Fully customizeable

Meet Your Maker

Now that you are fully convinced that you want one, let’s sweeten the deal. We’d like to offer a 10% discount on labor for the building up of this bike once all the parts have been selected. Now you know exactly where your bike was made, and you’re buds with the person putting it together. Which of your previous bikes can you say that about?

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